Deron Williams Career Hight 42

07 Apr 2010 by Nathan in NBA 2009–2010 Season

Deron Williams scored a career-high 42 points in a thrilling overtime win vs. the Thunder on Tuesday, including the game-winning jumper with 1.1 seconds remaining.

Deron Williams Hurt, but Still Plays Well

15 Mar 2010 by Nathan in NBA 2010 News

Deron Williams aggravated his shoulder during Sunday’s loss to the Thunder, and briefly left the game, but returned and finished with 27 points on 8-of-14 shooting (including a three) with two rebounds, 14 assists, and a steal.

Tyreke Evan is Emerging for the Kings

09 Nov 2009 by Nathan in NBA 2009 News

Kings rookie Tyreke Evans started at shooting guard and hit 7-of-15 shots and 16-of-19 free throws on his way to a career-high 32 points in Saturday’s upset win over the Jazz. He added three boards, seven assists and a steal, despite leaving the game briefly after taking a Deron Williams elbow to the mouth. Evans, […]

History of the NBA

05 Oct 2008 by O'Dell Isaac II in NBA,NBA History

When James Naismith invented the game of basketball at the Springfield, Mass. YMCA in 1891, he was simply looking for a distraction for his rowdy young charges, who were often stuck indoors due to the harshly cold Massachusetts winters. Little did he know that his creation would one day evolve into a globalized, multi-billion-dollar sensation […]

Utah Jazz

05 Oct 2008 by O'Dell Isaac II in NBA,Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz is, quite possibly, the most oddly juxtaposed team name in sports (the mention of the state of Utah does not inspire visions of jazz bands). The team is also one of the most consistently successful franchises in the NBA. In the late 1980s and 1990s, they were playoff perennials, and they have […]